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Hi Everyone, I love that you stopped by!

Blogging Girly is a blog I set up to help newbie bloggers like you to navigate the world of blogging with easy to follow blog posts that can easily cut off the stress that beginner bloggers go through.

I share posts on blogging and maintaining lifestyles that keep you on the right path.


I am an average girly-girl from Africa with a passion for helping others who have encountered the same problems I faced but have been able to sail through it gracefully.

I started my first blog on a whim. I had no idea what blogging was about at that time.

Safe to say that I made millions of blogging mistakes which make me wince anytime it comes to mind.

I decided to sit up and research more on blogging and how I could get my first site on the first page of Google.

It has been a roller coaster ride so far and I must say I have really enjoyed every bit of it.

This blog is my second blog and I intend to implement the strategies I have learned so far with my other blog to see how it goes.

I’m no blogging expert. But I aim to be a better blogger by helping beginner bloggers


I like picturing my self in my mind’s eye as slim but in actual fact, I’m a plus size. I am also very loud so don’t worry if you sometimes feel me screaming in my blog posts. LOL

I’m addicted to reading romance novels that are set in the historical era and fancy myself a world traveler through virtual traveling. Sounds fun right?


I hope my new blog can help you explore more blogging hacks that will make this blog a one-stop-shop for new bloggers.

Feel free to journey through my blog posts and comment on any of them your thoughts.