13 Creative Ways To Get Blog Post Ideas Fast

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Blog post ideas shouldn’t be hard to get; considering the number tools and sites available for bloggers to help generate unique blog ideas.

But, most newbie bloggers sometimes suffer from acute writer’s block; which when not dealt with severely, could really impact your writing system. 

There is nothing cringe worthy than starting a blog  and being all bubbly about it in the first month or for some a week; and realize you are out of topics to write on.

Other newbie bloggers too, may have their blog setup but absolutely have no idea on what to write about.

If you are a newbie and you don’t take care, you will lose motivation for writing quickly and probably get depressed about it.

That is why I have taken it upon myself to help you generate dozens of blog post ideas you can certainly write on.

In this blog post, I will share with you 13 ways you can use to generate blog post topics for your blog in a few minutes.

How do I find blog post topics?

You can find blog post topics in several places. Some of which I am going to list below.

This post contains affilliate links. This means that I will get a small commission at NO cost to you when you purchase through a link here. See my disclosure for more details.

#1 Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are full of blog post ideas. Not kidding here.

 People join Facebook to help them find solutions to their problems.

It is only logical that questions people ask in Facebook groups are likely the same ones being asked by 1000s of others on Google.

To get loads of blog post ideas from Facebook groups, you need to join ones that are in your niche.

When you join these niche groups, you can study the key terms that people use to ask questions in the group.

For instance, I am a member of several blogging groups. Most of these blogging groups are geared towards helping blogging newbies.

Most newbies normally use keywords terms such as ‘help’ ‘what is’ ‘confused’, ‘how do I’ etc. to seek for information.

This is what I do with these keyword search terms in the groups.

I search in the groups using these keywords terms to search for what beginner bloggers are struggling with.

For this Facebook group blog post generator trick, we will be using Boss Girl Bloggers group for Bloggers.

Within the group search bar, I searched for the following search terms; ‘help’ ‘confused’ ‘how do I’.

These search terms are the most popular question formats used by newbie bloggers.

From these searches, I got the following blog post topics

  • Why landing pages are important
  • Create Beautiful landing pages with x tool
  • How To configure the wordpress dashboard from scratch
  • Convert Pinterest views into clicks with this simple trick
  • What is DA in SEO and why it is important
  • X ways to Get backlinks for your site

By using this trick, you will be able to come up with dozens of blog post ideas which will definitely brighten your day up.

#2 Google related searches

Google related search is also a great way for coming up with blog post ideas.

Most times, bloggers often forget how much of a Gold mine this Google feature is.

The related searches section can generate for you thousands of blog post ideas which will help you not run out of blog topics to write about.

I personally, always use this Google feature to generate topics for my other niche blog.

Google related  searches for blog post ideas
Google Related searches

If a topic is featured in the related searches section, then it means people are searching for it. Therefore, you should write on it.

#3 People Also Ask section on Google

If you are a constant reader of my blog posts, you will notice evidently my secret crush for this section by Google.

Not only will you be able to get ideas for a blog post through this section; you will also get to find other questions which you can use to develop subheadings for your blog post.

This makes writing way easier and makes your thoughts flow as you write under each subheading.

Google is such a powerful and resourceful search engine such that it makes searching for answers easy. 

It also adds value to the answer you will get by adding other questions people are asking in relation to the question you asked.

Google SERPs page highlighted people also ask section
Google people also ask section

When in search of good blog post ideas, don’t skip the people also ask section on Google.


#4 Answer The Public 

Another gold mine for generating good blog post ideas. It is a free keyword tool which generates all questions which has been asked in relation to your blog post  idea

It will give you questions that have been asked under how, where, what, who, when, etc.question formats that fall under your blog post idea.

I decided to play around this keyword research tool and it really didn’t disappoint.

Answer the public displaying blog post ideas
Answer the Public blog post generator

It gave me all the questions everybody’s mom asked to what the last person asked in relation to the keyword term.

Answer the Public also provided queries that included prepositions for that same keyword.

With this tool at your disposal, you can come up with  blog post ideas for every niche.

Unless the query you are making has never ever been asked on any search engine before, then you wouldn’t get an answer from the public.

But I doubt if a question on your mind has never been asked by anybody on the internet.

#5 Search Console

Search console has a queries section which shows you keywords people search for to land on your page.

The queries are plenty enough for you to choose from. If you are new to blogging, you will be tempted to ignore the search console.

Afterall, the gurus say it’s only used for submitting your site and checking errors and nothing more.

The truth is, search console does more than just submitting your site and checking for errors.

Every keyword people are using to land on a blog is accurately provided on the search console and not by any other third party app.

To verify and see if what I’m saying here is true, login to your Search console account.

  • Click on the hamburger icon on your top left.
  • Click on performance 

Scroll to the bottom of the performance page

You will see the queries people make to either give you impressions or clicks.

Use the impressions from the keywords to help you know the search volume for the keyword queries.

You can either use the queries info you have at your disposal to either update the posts pages they land on or write a new blog post around that search query  and link to the old one.

Search console is such an underused keyword tool that makes me cringe.

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#6 Google Analytics

Similar to the Search console way of generating blog post ideas, Google analytics can also help you generate topics for your blog.

By now, I know  you are rolling your eyes at how I am obsessed with anything Google.

Not that I’m accusing you of being a hater. 

But let’s face it; they have good products to make online work move more smoothly.

That’s why, I love recommending their products.

You can use topics that are generating you the most  traffic from various platforms to create more blog posts around that topic.

To do this, you can check the posts generating the most traffic from organic searches, social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest to write more posts around that topic.

Here is how to use Google analytics to check popular blog posts on your site.

Login to GA

  • Click on acquisition
  • Select all traffic>>overview
  • Click on the traffic sources and review your most popular blog posts.
  • Change the date range to the last 3 months

This method can give you the inspiration to generate more blog post ideas.

#7 keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools are also one of the best ways to generate millions of  blog post ideas.

There are a variety of keyword research tools on the internet which you can use to get your next good blog post idea.

If you want to use a paid keyword research tool, I recommend Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a powerful keywords research tool that can generate several content ideas for you to write on.

On the other hand, there are several keyword tools which are free and are at your disposal to use at any time.

When using a keyword tool as a way to get a content idea, make sure to take note of the keyword difficulty, search volume and sites which are ranking high for that idea.

A keyword tool like Ubersuggest provides free limited daily searches for you.

It has a filter section which you can use to filter out the chaff from the good ones.

You can filter the search volume, and the keyword difficulty you prefer to work with.

I usually filter the monthly search volume for a keyword with 500 being the lowest search volume and 10,000 being the highest for any keyword I decide to use.

You can also do the same, less or more as I do. It all depends on you.

For the keyword difficulty  (KD) you can make it range from 1-15 or however you want it.

Using these filter tricks can help you narrow down the overwhelming keyword ideas that may be thrown at you with these keyword tools.

#8 Pinterest 

I bet there is no one who loves pinterest like I do. If there were to be a Pinterest militant group I swear my name will appear as the commander.

Pinterest is such a whole blog post ideas mood which is absolutely worth checking out.

One thing you should know is that pinterest is not a social media platform.

It is a search engine such as Google but this time it uses visuals as a way for searching for ideas.

Let’s just say Pinterest is where you create a poster for your blog and upload it there.

This way, you can promote your latest blog post without paying a dime.

Not only can you promote your blog posts, but you can also promote your businesses.

When used properly, Pinterest can be a traffic mane for your blog or businesses.

Lauren Duclos is the pinterest queen and her course is fire. I will let her handle all things Pinterest for you.

How generate blog post ideas from Pinterest

To get content ideas from Pinterest is as easy as ABC. Just type what your blog is about in the search bar.

For instance,  if your blog is a lifestyle  blog, just type in lifestyle and loads of topics will be shown to you.

The topics are beautifully color coded which makes the content ideas all the more interesting.

These keywords can further open other keyword doors that are further niched down when you click on them

Here is an example to follow

We will be using Lifestyle as the keyword to search on Pinterest. 

You can see that lifestyle topics range from luxury, minimalism, rich photography etc.

I selected minimalism, making the keyword now minimalism lifestyle.

Minimalism lifestyle also generated several keywords which included simple living, inspiration, Japanese, tips etc.

Pinterest search page blog post ideas
Pinterest Keyword search

I again selected simple living which also showed keywords such as interior design, less is more, home etc.

You see, one keyword has generated loads of ideas for a lifestyle blog which you can write about.

If you find Pinterest too difficult to understand, Lauren Duclos of Boss Girl Bloggers has a wonderful yet cheap course for Pinterest which makes the platform easy to understand. 

The course, honestly has done wonders for my one and half month old pinterest account.

#9 Google Autocomplete

There she goes with Google again. But can you blame me? Google is the Boss of unique blog post ideas generator.

Autocomplete  is another way to generate blog post topics for your blog.

I admit this is the easiest way to get ideas for your blog. 

You can type in a keyword in the Google Search bar and Voila! Your new blog post will be staring right into your soul. 

This is what you can do to make the Autocomplete work massively for you.

We will use the keyword ‘blogging’ in this highly confidential experiment.

I will be adding prepositions and question format phrases to the keyword.

The first preposition we will add is ‘is’. So the search format will be ‘is blogging’ and the Google autocomplete will complete the sentence for us.

The next phrase we will add to our keyword is ‘what’. 

We can go on and on with this blog ideas formular till thy kingdom comes.

The point here is, Google autocomplete is full of blog post contents you can snatch and write on.

#10 Hubspot Blog Post Idea Generator

Another unique blog idea generator I love.

Hubspot’s free content generator tool serves great and unique blog ideas which can inspire you to write.

Some of the ideas may not make sense but surely I say to you that, most of the topics generated by this tool totally makes sense.

All you will have to do is to type in a noun and hit the ‘get post ideas’ button.

It will generate a year worth of posts ideas for your blog in no time.

#11 Google Trends

What’s better than finding trending topics and writing on it?

Google Trends has all answers for what is trending in your niche. You can plug in your niche blog topic and it will show you whether the trend for that blog topic is falling or increases.

When you scroll downwards, you will find related topics and queries people are searching for in that niche.

When you see a related topic marked as a breakout, then it means the topic is hot and trending.

I searched for the keyword self care and it showed about 48 topics trending in the related topics and related queries combined.

The topics related to self care were mostly break out topics which means they are good to write on.

One thing I like about Google Trends is that you can do a comparison of topics to see which trends better. This information will help you decide on what to write about.

I decided to play around with 3 keywords under the personal development niche to see which one is trending.

The keywords were self care, self improvement and self confidence. It showed that of the three, self care had the most topics trending.


Probably because of the current season.

It had about 9 topics which were breakout topics that are worth writing about.

To compare topics, click on the + space and add the other keywords you want to compare.

You can also use the filter button to change the date range for trending topics.

#12 Stalk Your competitors blog post.

What are your competitors writing about? You should also do the same. 

Study the blog post topics that are gaining your blog competitors thousands of repins on Pinterest and try towing that same way.

However, you should note that it is always great to be inspired by your competitors but it is horrible to steal their work.

#13 Amazon Look inside

I got this idea from Neil Patel.  What you will do is to go to amazon and search for a general niche idea.

For instance, I searched for keto recipes. Then, I clicked on the top results.

If you see a ‘look inside’ graphic on top of the book cover, it means you read a preview of the book.

You don’t necessarily have to read the contents of the book. What we will be focusing on is the table of contents  in the book’s preview.

For example, in the table of contents in this keto recipes book, these were some of the topics which keto blogs can write on.

Some of the topics in the book’s table of contents were

What is keto diet

Keto smoothies

Meatless meals for keto diet

Keto breakfast and dinners

And plenty more to write on.

One thing you should always do is to check your potential to rank for the keyword before you embark on writing a blog post on it.

Oh Lordy,

I hope this was not too much to take in.  I tried making it small but my fingers kept on typing and typing . lol 

You now have an army of ways to develop content ideas. 

Please don’t sit there frustrated with what to write next.

 I hope this post has been helpful enough for you to generate blog post ideas.

Your turn….what other ways do you use to generate blog post ideas? I will love to know.

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  1. These are all great suggestions! I have found that belonging to a number of pet-specific FB groups has helped me to come up with a lot of blog post ideas. As you explained, I pay attention to what people are asking and draw inspiration from that. For example, when people were talking about the financial struggle that they are experiencing being laid off during the current crisis, it inspired me to write a post about saving money on pet food!

    1. Hi Britt,
      FB groups is the best blog topic generator. I feel it helps you know more what your readers are struggling with and how best you can solve it for them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. Thanks for recommendations. I love the idea of public generator and Pinterest.
    Google is also valuable source of information..

    1. Hello Under Flowery Sky,
      I totally agree with Google being asource of valuable information. Almost every source picks their info from Google. Thank you for your kind words and I hope to serve you more delicious blogging tips dishes.

  3. This was really helpful. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

    1. Hello Syedah,
      Thank you for als reading.xoxo

  4. GREAT ideas! I especially like the ideas for using Facebook Groups and Google’s “people also ask section.” Brilliant! I just recently discovered the power of Facebook Groups for networking and blog traffic generation. But I didn’t think about looking at the questions from members to come up with blog post ideas. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing these! Anytime I’m stumped on what to write from now on, I’ll be sure to remember these suggestions.

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