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How To Start An Anonymous Blog The Right Way

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How To Start An Anonymous Blog

You are probably wondering how to start an anonymous blog  because let’s face it , not everybody wants their name out for the whole world to see.

How to start an anonymous blog

 It is totally understandable that you think it is impossible to start an anonymous blog. 

To tell you the truth,  you can either choose to go all out with your identity when you start a blog or not.

 You will be surprised to know that some bloggers you think reveal their lives on their blogs may actually be making up stuff.

In fact, a search for anonymous bloggers on Google shows almost no blogs but you and I know there are actually dozens of them out there.

 Only three blogs popped up as truly anonymous blogs after an extensive search in Google. The truth here is, they just don’t tell you they are anonymous. 

 There are several forums out there where people actually share their stories about blogging anonymously.

 According to them, they create make-believe stories about themselves on their blogs just to make people feel it is their real-life stories and achievements they are sharing with them. 

Well, some of them share bits and snippets of their true life stories, others do not and they are quite successful staying anonymous.

If these people are successful at blogging anonymously why can’t you? 

In today’s blog post you will learn how to start an anonymous blog. 

Here is what you are going to learn 

  1. What an anonymous blog is 
  2. Reasons why you should start an anonymous blog or not
  3. How to protect an anonymous blog.
  4.  How do anonymous blogs make money? 
  5. How to promote anonymous blogs. 
  6. How to start a free anonymous blog. 
  7. Pro and cons for blogging anonymously. 
  8. Successful anonymous blogs

Let’s get started

What is an anonymous blog

An anonymous blog is a Blog where the author conceals his or her identity from the public.

Bloggers who conceal their identity normally do so with a pseudonym.

 Some of these bloggers who blog anonymously take stringent measures to protect their identity from being exposed by the internet police.

Reasons why you should start an anonymous blog.

How to start an anonymous blog

There are several reasons why you will want to start an anonymous blog and some of them are listed below.

Desire for privacy: 

Most anonymous bloggers want to have a grip on their privacy. If you are not fond of being in public’s eye, then starting an anonymous blog is the right thing to do.

Fear of being judged:

 If you have the fear of being judged by close friends and family and being criticised by them, then you are probably better off starting a blog anonymously than facing their ridicule and scrutiny.

For whistle blowing:

 Of course,  I don’t mean the referee’s whistle to end a game.

If you have sensitive  information which you will want to share without you being identified as the source then starting an anonymous blog is your safest bet.

Personal blogging:

You only want to write about things that are personal to you. In this case, you only make your blog accessible only by you and no one else.

To do that, you will have make your site accessible logging in only.

You are new in the blogging world: 

It is very normal to not want to expose your identity when you start blogging. You can decide to expose your identity when you feel confident enough to do so.

Why you should not start an anonymous 

You shouldn’t start an anonymous blog if you

  1. Afraid of being found out and the backlash that comes with it because that day will surely come.
  2. Intend to do harmful things with your blog contents. Example spreading lies
  3. Don’t have much to write on the topic you have chosen. If there is not much to say, then write your thoughts in a diary instead. 
  4. Giving out false information.

If you want to start an anonymous blog for any of these reasons, then have a legal army lined up as a backup plan plus prepare for public backlash if you are found out.

Now that you know the reasons why you should or not start an anonymous blog, let’s talk about what you have to do in order to stay anonymous when you decide to start blogging.

How to start a blog in 10 easy steps

How to stay protected when blogging Anonymously.

Here is a list of steps to take which can help you stay protected on the internet when you decide to start a blog anonymously.

  • Create a pseudonym
  • Create a new email account
  • Use a VPN
  • Browse incognito
  • Purchase sitelock or whois Privacy

All the protective steps listed above is explained in detail below.

Create a pseudonym

In a world of blogging you need not to be afraid of using a pseudonym.

The pseudonym you create should have nothing to do with your real identity. 

For instance if everybody knows you love playing fortnite game and ukulele, you need not make your pseudonym as “fortnite and Ukulele” .

Anybody who knows you may quickly associate your “anonymous” blog with you.

You rather have to create a pseudonym which has nothing to do with your identity or personality.

Your pseudonym should stand out. It could be a funny name or a real fake name. 

Create a new email account

Create a new email account which is not linked to any other account.

For example, you can decide to use gmail as your personal email account and for your anonymous blog, your email address will be with hotmail. 

Better still, you can use email accounts provided by your hosting provider as your blog’s email address.

That way, people can only contact you through your blog’s email address.

Use a VPN

This option is for those who intend to blog anonymously on touchy subjects.

VPNS help you to surf the internet safely without your IP address being tracked.

This helps you immensely from being identified via IP tracing.

Use incognito mode: 

Using incognito mode to some extent can also help shield your IP address from being traceable.

You can always use the incognito mode in your browser to work on your blog.

But, you should know that this way of blogging anonymously does not 100% guarantee your safety.

Purchase sitelock or whois privacy.

A sitelock or whois purchase masks your details from the internet. Usually, when you purchase domains and hosting you will have to fill in detailed information about you. 

In order to prevent the information you filled being found on the internet by a simple search, you can purchase a sitelock or whois privacy subscription from your domain name provider.

Blog anonymous for free on blogging platforms:

When you decide to start an anonymous blog on a self hosted site, chances are, your identity being busted may be High. 

So, instead of starting an anonymous blog on a self-hosted site, you can blog anonymously on  free blogging sites such as

That way,  you’ll be using a subdomain from WordPress. Eg.

Thus, all enquiries to trace your identity through your blog will lead to as they are the ones who technically own your domain and blog and not you.

Don’t link any blogging tool  Account to your personal email account. 

You may be tempted to signup for your blog  by linking to your personal email account. 

When signing up with blogging tools such as Google Analytics  and Google search console, make sure to signup using your anonymous blog email address.

Don’t use images which you are in

This is pretty obvious. Why would you show your face when you want to stay anonymous? You can cover your face in photos if you want to tease your readers with a glimpse of your features. 

Make sure you don’t use images which have your locations enabled on it.

How to promote anonymous blogs

To promote your anonymous blog, here is what you can do

Create social media pages

You can create social media accounts for your blog and promote it there. Make sure you don’t link any of the accounts to your personal pages.

One thing! Don’t ever like and follow your anonymous blog social media accounts using our personal account.

 Ever wondered why Facebook and the like suggest people for you to follow? They study your activities on their platform and use that to tailor a unique activity and suggestions for you. 

They will then suggest the same thing to people who follow you because if you are interested then your followers too will be interested. 

So definitely avoid stalking your anonymous social media accounts with your personal account to avoid it from being suggested to friends and family. 

Create and grow your email list

Encourage your blog visitors to subscribe to your blog to receive weekly or monthly updates exclusively  from you.

To grow your email list, you can offer an incentive to entice them to signup and subscribe to your blog. 

Guest Posting.  

You can reach out to other blogs similar to yours to write a post for their blog. This strategy helps you expand your blog’s reach.


People think Pinterest is a social Media platform. But truly speaking Pinterest is an image driving search engine platform which you can use to hugely increase your blog visitors.

 To promote your post via Pinterest you need to create a Pinterest account and register as a business on the platform.

You then create graphics that depicts what people will read when they click on the graphic image. 

This way of promoting your blog has been proven to work for most bloggers.

 To create your Pinterest graphics you can use a tool like canva free version or Photoshop to make compelling graphic posters which you will use to promote your blog posts.

Here is a wonderful course you can take on Pinterest to help you skyrocket your blog traffic.

Leverage Social sharing plugins

Another way to promote your blog post is by using social sharing plugins on your site.

Social sharing plugins enable social media buttons on your blog. 

This will motivate your visitors to share your posts to platforms they want to share.

The most important plugins to install on a new blog


SEO means search engine optimization. What you have to do is to optimise your post using certain keywords that are relevant to your post. 

The keywords are words that people typically used to search for information related to your post on the internet.

Using this strategy can massively drive traffic to your blog via search engines like Google. 

Beginner Friendly SEO Guide

How do anonymous blogs make money

Anonymous bloggers make money the same way regular bloggers make money.

 Anonymous blogs make money from displaying ads on their site,selling digital products, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts,etc.

The only downside to an anonymous blog when it comes to monetizing is the payment option. 

You have to expose your identity and information through the payment option you will choose.

If you are into crypto you can find advertisers who are willing to pay you  through cryptocurrency. This enables you to keep your identity intact.

The best way to monetize an anonymous blogging website is by producing your own products.

  That way,  you are the one handling the payments and everything that is associated with handling money.

Can you be a successful anonymous blogger?

Yes you can be a successful anonymous blogger. Provided the information you bring out is of interest to the public.

To be a successful anonymous blogger you have to be consistent in what you publish on your blog and consistently promote your blog till your voice is heard.

Use the various promotion methods that I have outlined in this post to help you to promote your blog and become successful blogging anonymously.

How to start a free anonymous blog

There are many free blogging platforms which you can use to blog anonymously. 

However, you should know that if you decide to blog anonymously on free platforms,  your content will not be yours, although you wrote it.  

Your content can be taken down as and when the site you are using to blog for free feels like it.

Here are some free blogging platforms which you can use to start an anonymous blog free. 

  4. Instagram 
  5. Facebook 
  6. Medium 
  7. Quora
  11. Vent
  12. Lyfster

All you need is to register an account with them and you are all ready to start blogging anonymously on them.

Pros for  Blogging Anonymously

Freedom to write whatever you want

When you blog the anonymous way, you can write your heart out without feeling insecurity of people judging you and the way you write.

Protection of your identity 

To help protect your identity from being exposed. Not only do you get to protect your identity, you also get to protect the identity of your friends and family from the public. 

Cons of Blogging Anonymously 

More Attention on you and your content

It is in human nature to be curious about vague identities. People can go to the ends of the world just to find out the identity of veiled personalities especially when your content peeks their interest.

Legal Problems

If you intend to blog about things that expose companies and people, be ready to face legal issues from time to time.

Fewer monetization methods

Although there are countless ways to monetize your blog, blogging anonymously may limit your monetization efforts. 


Most advertising agencies such as Google Adsense require you to sign up with your personal information. This may not help you to cover up your identity entirely on the internet.


On the whole, blogging anonymously is not as bad as you may believe it to be. The choice is always yours as to how you portray yourself on the internet.

I hope this blog post has been helpful to you.

The ball is now in your court.

Do you prefer blogging anonymously or publicly?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Don’t forget to share this post to help others who want to start an anonymous blog.

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