How To Upload and Install a Theme Into WordPress

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So you want to Upload and install a theme into WordPress but you are stuck? 

We have all been there and you need not to feel overwhelmed with such an easy task like this.

The thing is, you are not alone in this situation.  I remember how I struggled to find pieces of information like these when I started a blog.  

It was so hectic to deal with.

That is why I have created a blog post on how to upload a new theme to WordPress.

 If you are yet to start a blog in WordPress, my post on how to start a blog for beginners will do the perfect job of walking you through all the steps to start a blog easily. 

install a theme into wordpress


Uploading a new theme to wordpress is not as scary as you think it is.

In fact, it is so easy to do. One thing you should really take note of when choosing a theme for your website is its weight and functionality.

Taking your time to select a theme for your site is good but it only delays (your site from going live.) Which only draws you back.

There are several WordPress themes you can choose from both in the WordPress theme repository or from external WordPress theme sources.

Basically, there are two ways you can get hold of a theme for your blog.

  • Installing themes from the WordPress repository from your site’s WordPress themes. Or
  • Downloading and uploading a free or premium theme from external WordPress theme sources.

There are plenty of free themes that can not be found in the WordPress repository but can be obtained outside of your WordPress environment and uploaded there.

Sites like Colorlib, Astra, Blossom, Themify, etc. have free and premium themes that are beautiful and easy to customize.

Actually, the theme I use is from Blossom themes and it’s totally free. I also use the free Astra theme on my other website and it’s a great theme.

There are not many differences between free Astra and Blossom themes.  But I will choose free Astra over Blossom theme because of the free range of customizations offered by Astra. 

I just chose to use the free Blossom Vilva theme because of its appealing structure. I will customize more with the free Elementor plugin to make it pop more in the near future.

Vilva theme from Blossom is not available in the themes section of wordpress.

I downloaded it from the Blossom themes website and uploaded the zip file to the site.

Okay I get it . 

You don’t want the stress(although there is none) with downloading and uploading a  theme brouhaha.

I recommend that you choose a good theme like Astra or Generatepress from the WordPress themes store in your backend and install.   

 Here is a blog post on how to install a theme in WordPress easily 


As I said early on in this post, I use a free blog theme from Blossom called Vilva. For the purpose of the demonstration, I will be sharing with you the step by step by step process I used to upload and install the theme into WordPress.


  1. Go to the site where you intend to download the theme. In my case I went to Blossom Themes 
  1. Scroll through the themes available and select the one  you want to purchase or like me download for free.
  1. Select get it done or download 
  1. Fill in your information and click purchase
  1. Download the theme from the link that will be sent to your email address

Note: It will be sent in a zip file. DO NOT EXTRACT IT FROM THE ZIP FILE

  1. Login  to your wordpress account
  1. Click on appearance>themes
  1. Select add new theme
  2. click on upload new theme
  1. Click on choose file and select the downloaded zip file
  1. Click on upload your new theme
  2. Select Activate theme

Congratulations.  Your new theme is fully installed in wordpress

See? It’s  as easy as ABC

Now to the fun part. I am going to highlight  the features of the customize section of the theme and explain  what each and every kne of them means.

Are you ready to customize your theme? I’m so excited for you!

How to customize your uploaded theme in WordPress 

Just as I did in my blog post on how to install a theme in WordPress, I will highlight the features of the customization panel in your newly uploaded theme in WordPress.

I will take them one by one so you better ready your cup of coffee and chill while reading.

As usual, to be able to customize your theme, login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance >Customize. 

vilva theme settings dashboard

This is what you should see in a customization panel.

Not all themes will have the same features please take note of that.

Are you in? Alright let’s begin!

Remember this tutorial is for the vilva blossom theme I use on this blog.

Basic customization settings

  1. Demo and Documentation: This where you can read everything about the theme and see how the theme looks like.
  1. Site Identity: Customize your site name, logo, icon, and the title color. Also change the fonts family, style and size here. Add a site tagline in this section too.
  1. Layout settings: choose how you want your post sidebar, page sidebar and default layout sidebar should appear on your site.
vilva theme settings for page layout
  1. Appearance Settings: Change your colors background image and your typography settings here.
  • In the colors section, you can  change your primary site color and background colors
  • Add a background image if you want to in the background image section
  • Choose a font type for your site in the Typography section 

   5. General Settings: This is where all my theme functions are hidden just to surprise me with its mind-blowing functionalities.

vilva theme general settings
  • Banner Section: This is a feature I love. You get to display your latest posts or category posts in a  banner section in the form of a slider or static video.
  • Featured Area section: Another cool feature of this theme is the featured image section. Add blossom image text to this section. You can include your categories, favorite posts, etc in this section
  • Social media settings:  Add social links to the header and footer section of your site
  • SEO Settings: Enable breadcrumb and last update posts for better site optimization for search engines.
  • Posts(Blog) & Pages Settings: customize your posts and pages appearance in this section. You will find the following options in this section
  • Enable or disable Hide prefix in the archive page.
  • Enable blog post excerpt(recommended)
  • Set excerpt length to for your posts on your pages(recommend 50)
  • Single post image (enable)
  • Show related posts (enable)
  • Show comments
  • Hide category
  • Hide post author
  • Hide posted date(enable)
  • Newsletter  settings: Install the recommended plugin for this option to work. Send newsletters to your subscribers using this option.
  • Instagram settings: Activate Blossom social media plugin to enable this feature to work. It will show your instagram feed in your homepage
  •  Settings: Enable the search Icon in the header of your site.

  For the functions of the menus, widgets, footer settings, homepage and additional CSS settings,  refer to my post on how to install a theme in WordPress.

Take note that these are settings for the free theme. You can visit Blossom Theme page to see the full features of the premium theme design.


Uploading and Installing a theme into WordPress is quite simple. There is no need to pull your hair out when you can easily get hold of resources like this post to take you through the step by step process in blogging.

A good theme + mobile responsiveness= Great SEO

Read my SEO tips for beginners if you are yet to start doing SEO.

I hope this post has been helpful enough for you.

Can I ask for a favor from you? Will you be so kind to share this post? I will really appreciate your effort. TIA

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