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Want to know how to start a blog successfully?

I know. I have been in this loop before. When I started my blog I knew nothing about blogging. I just threw in whatever came to my mind on the blog.

The sour truth was that it did not once cross my mind that I had research about how to start a blog successfully; and the things to do when you start blogging.

Along the way, I have learnt my lessons and I feel that I have to share the exact steps I took to restart this new blog.

If you are a beginner blogger, this blog post is purposely dedicated to you because I  once was in your shoes and I admit it sucks like a sack of potatoes. Lol

Since I found my feet in blogging, I have had my interest in it grown so much and I know you will also enjoy blogging as you go along the way. 

Starting a blog has been the biggest and best decision of my life.

Want to know why? Because the decent money I make from my other blog has saved my butt a couple of times. I’m from Africa. That means any amount I earn in dollars is literally a huge number in my currency.

I am able to live off and save money earned from blogging. 

That is why I am optimistic that you can also earn money from blogging wherever you find yourself in this www. (whole wide world)

You don’t need to sign up before you get to know the details on how to start a blog as a beginner. 

Every ingredient you need to know about cooking up a storm on how to start a blog that makes money will be detailed below.

Let me ask you this important question.

Are you really ready to make it happen? If your answer is yes, then let’s get started .


Here is a step by step instruction on how to start a blog

Think of a niche to blog about

If there is one thing I regret not doing, is not thinking and researching on a niche I will be comfortable with blogging about.

But, I was glad all the same to have not started with random things about myself that actually no one cares about.

The truth is, if you want to earn money from blogging, writing blog posts all about you that offer no solution to readers problems will not help you gain traffic to your site.

Be honest with me on this. Who in the world searches for information on your problems and your life? Literally no one. Well, unless you are some sort of celebrity which I doubt you are at the moment.

My point here is, if you want to start a blog and make money from it then it should be about a problem that you believe you have the genius ability to solve.

There are several blog niches out there which you can find your interest in and capitalize on it. 

For instance, let’s say you are a mom of 10 beautiful bubbly children and you are able to keep and maintain your house irrespective of the large number in your house. 

You can start a mom blog where you show your readers how you keep on top of your game. So let me ask you this question. 

Who do you think are the readers here? 

Definitely, it will be moms that are finding it difficult to maintain their family.

The truth is, there are loads of new and old parents alike struggling to maintain their homes. Starting a mom blog in this niche could potentially hit your blog to the roof

Here are some blog niches that make money which  you can take a look at

  • Personal Development
  • Personal Finance
  • Health 
  • Fitness
  • Entrepreneur
  • Digital marketing
  • Home Decor
  • Food
  • Educational
  • Fashion 
  • DIY
  • Travel  
  • Self Improvement

The niche you choose shouldn’t be the generic terms I have written above. You should target a specific group of people in that niche.

So if you pick a food niche, you can start a blog niche for 5-minute recipes for lame cooks. If it’s a fashion niche, you can blog on fashion for cheapskates and many others.

The niches I have mentioned above are all targeting specific group of people.

Remember your main aim is to target a specific group of people and you will be fine.

Choose a domain  name 

Finding a name for your blog will be one of the frustrating things you will encounter when you intend to start a blog I swear.

You can see from my blog name that I am a crappy name crafter. Lol. But all the same, it tells you what my blog will probably be about. That is the kind of blog name you should be aiming for.

 Here is how to choose a domain name for your blog

When choosing a blog name these are the questions  you should be asking yourself

  • What is my topic?
  • What name combinations will be perfect?
  • What if my blog name is not available?

I will take these points one by one and explain so chill.

What is the focus topic of my blog?

So what blog topic are you going to write about? Take a look at the list below

  • Faith
  • Animals
  • Crafts
  • Healthcare 
  • Kidspiration 
  • Lifestyle
  • Family 
  • Budgeting 
  • Parenting
  • Motherhood
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Fashion

From the list of blog topics you can write on above, you can go ahead and create a combination of your blog topic with another word. The word can be an adjective or a verb. It’s your choice to make.

What name combinations will be perfect? 

As I stated above, you can add an adjective to the topic that you choose. Take a look at some blog names you can check out.

Cooking Addict

Art of Parenting

Travelling overload 

Pets generation 

Crafts Relish


Did you notice any trend with the blog names above?

All the blog names contained the keyword that the listed blogs will be about. Cooking, Parenting, Family etc are the keywords these blog domain names will be targeting.

Am I making sense here?

You can as well use your name as the name of your blog. No one will penalize you for that. But having a keyword in your domain name has been proven to improve your SEO.

What if my chosen blog name is already taken?

If you type in your blog name and its taken, you can add some short words to it to make it yours.


The cooking addict

My art of Parenting 

When travelling overload

Its pets generation 

You can also use a blog name generator to generate your blog’s name. As simple as that.

If you are still not sure of a name for your blog, you can still start on purchasing the host for your blog.

You can purchase a domain when you are ready to make your blog live.

But in all honesty, you should buy your domain as soon as possible because someone may actually purchase it by the time you are done setting up your blog.

Points to consider when choosing a domain name

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Avoid the use of stop words
  • No hyphens 
  • No number
  • It’s best to choose a .com domain

Have you decided on your blog name? Then it’s time to choose a hosting provider for your blog.

What is a blog host?

I am not talking about your Airbnb

 A blog host is basically the internet environment that will house your blog. These hosting environments are known as web hosts.

Every blog should be given a host before it can work and be accessed on the internet.

How much does it cost to purchase a blog host?

You can get a host for as low as o.88 cents per month and as high $20 per month

As a beginner, you can choose to start low or big it will not be much of a great deal. But it will be really advisable to start low before you venture into big prices.

There are several web hosts you can choose from. Below are some of the best web hosting sites for beginners.

Best hosting sites for beginners 




A2 Hosting

WP Engine

I personally host my blog with Hostinger.

why Hostinger is the best hosting platform

  • Cost 0.88/month
  • 24/7 online support
  • One website
  • Free SSL
  • Free domain 
  • One-click WordPress installer
  • Free site migrations

BONUS TIP: Always go for the 2 to 4 years plan when buying from a web host for the first time. They tend to hike up prices after the first year.

I love everything about hostinger their system is not as confusing as with others. Here is a tutorial to get you started with Hostinger

What if you cant afford to pay for the yearly plan?

If you cant pay the yearly plans upfront, web hosting companies like Namecheap and Lyrical hosts offer monthly payment options that you can purchase.

Here is a step by step tutorial to start your blog

Register your domain name

Have you decided where to host your blog? if not take your time to decide on one. But if you have, it is now time to register your domain name.

Because I am familiar with Hostinger, I will be doing this tutorial using their platform

How to purchase domain name and hosting from Hostinger

  1. Head to Hostinger’s domain checker to check if your domain name is available 
how to register a domain name
  1. Add your newly purchased  domain name to your cart
  1. Choose the web hosting plan you will be going for
  1. Check out and pay for your domain and webhosting 
  1. Congratulations you now have a domain and host for your brand new blog.

Now what?

After registering with Hostinger,  you will have access to a new Hpanel where all the apps to make your blog work are hosted.

In other web hosting companies, the Hpanel is known as Cpanel which is helluva confusing……. at least to me.

It is in the Hpanel or Cpanel that you will have to install WordPress and activate an SSL certificate.

What wait……Did I just throw in a new term? Of course I did. I will explain what an SSL is and how you can activate yours for free in Hostinger. 

But now let’s focus on how to install WordPress in Hpanel.

How to install wordpress in Hostinger

  1. Go to your profile
  1. Click on manage
  1. Navigate to your Hpanel
  1. Scroll downwards to Auto installer and click to install wordpress 
how start a blog
  1. Enter the required details to complete the wordpress installment
how to start a blog

This is the part I tell you to be mindful of the information you put above. It will be the life of your blog.

After you finish installing wordpress,  wait for some few minutes before accessing your admin area. You can access it at

wordpress dashboard login

Enter the username and password you entered in your Hpanel when you were installing wordpress. 

When you finally login this is how it will look like.

WordPress dashboard

This where you will craft all your blog post and control just about everything about your blog there. It is known as the backend.

Wooohooooo! you are a blog owner legally now.

Let’s go back to your Hpanel to activate your SSL certificate. You remember I mentioned about SSL right? Let me explain it to you from my dumb point of view.

What does SSL mean and why it is used

An SSL simply means Secure Sockets Layers. What it does is that, it secures your website, and that of the information like email and credit card information that  visitors may enter on your site.

If you want your readers, blog visitors and search engines to take your blog serious, you should really get an SSL certificate.

When you purchase an SSL certificate and install it  on your site,you will either see a grey or greenlock in your URL bar signaling to search engines and visitors that your site is secured.

Url link image showing an SSL lock icon

The type of  SSL you purchase will determine the lock color you will get.

 Luckily For You, Hostinger offers a free SSL so you don’t need to spend money on that.

How to install SSL certificate in Hostinger step by step

  1.  Navigate to your Hpanel again and scroll to the advanced area. In the advance area click on SSL
how to activate ssl in hostinger

  1. Click on the domain that you want your SSL to be installed on and click on the set up button.
how to install ssl certificate in hostinger

You now have your site secure and your future blog visitors personal information kept safe.

Note that, without the SSL certificate, search engines may display your site to visitors as dangerous. We really don’t want that right?

Hold on, we are not done. It’s time for you to install a theme for your blog.

How to install a theme on your blog as a beginner

Your theme is the general appearance of your site that your visitors will see. There are thousands of themes in the wordpress themes repository.  Some of them are paid, others too are free.

If you have some few dollars to spend on a new theme then you can head over to Studio press or Blossom themes to get yourself a fancy theme.

  If not, you can install any theme that catches your fancy from wordpress themes directory. My favorite light weight themes are Astra and Generate Press. They are both lightweight and efficient.

I recently found out about Blossom Themes and I absolutely love their feminine structure. I actually use their theme on this blog.

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Characteristics Of a  good theme

  • Lightweight 
  • Customizable
  • Responsive
  • Clear navigation menu
  • Social media buttons
  • Can adapt to several plugins

How to install a theme in WordPress

  1. From your backend, navigate to Appearance
how to start a blog
  1. From the popup menu select themes

Note: WordPress installation comes with pre built themes. You can use any of them. 

  1. At the top of the themes area, Click on add new
  2. Search for a theme to install
  3. Click on install and activate it

Hocus pocus!  you now have a full-functioning blog website.

Well not really, but I know you got what I meant by that. All you need to do is to change some settings and BANG you are good to start designing your blog.

You can read this post on how to upload and install your theme in WordPress if you decide to invest in a theme

How to choose colors for your theme

Now that you have your theme installed, its time to brainstorm the colors that you want your blog to be known for. Creating cohesive blog colors tends to make your blog eye appealing.

One place that can help you choose your brand or blog colors in Adobe Color Collector. Adobe CC has a wide range of color palettes which you can choose for your site at no cost to you.

Depending on the theme you install, you can assign the different colors you choose for your blog to your heading tags, link colors, link hover color, menu color etc.

You can as well upload a picture to Adobe color collector and it will extract the color codes for you to use as your brand colors.

I was so excited when I started my first blog and I know you will feel the same when you start with yours.

One thing I know for sure is that starting a blog and putting your precious in it, is all worth the hassle.


What is a blog?

A blog is a section of a website where constant information is regularly updated. It used to bewn as a weblog in he early days. A blog can practically be set up for any kind of information you want to put out there. You can blog about fitness, books, health, beauty, personal development, growth,etc.

What blogging means?

Blogging simply means adding informational content to a website. It could be articles or listicles that are very helpful for people

what do bloggers do?

Bloggers normally create and write content around a topic which they deem it will be helpful to people. Bloggers typically do indepth research on topics they want to write about before publishing it.

What is blog example?

Sites that post recipes, fitness tips, health tips, book reviews, etc are all example of blogs.

Do bloggers make money?

Yes, bloggers make money. Only if they monetize it by displaying ads, affiliate marketing or selling their own digital products.

Should I start a blog?

Yes, if only you are interested in starting a blog.
When you start a blog, you can make money from it, help other people who are in need of a remedy to the situation you know, get to connect with people all over the world and so much more.

Is blogging easy?

Blogging is easy when you are doing and creating content around what you love. If what you are blogging about is of little interest to you, then you will find it difficult to blog.

Why do most blogs fail?

Most blogs fail because the bloggers behind them don’t put enough time in it.
Again, most bloggers lack patience and they easily give up on their blogs. If you want your blog to succeed, always make sure to read and implement strategies for blogging.

Is blogging a waste of time?

Definitely not. When you put in the effort annd implement good blogging strategies like SEO, quality content and link buildng, you can earn from it.

So what do you think? Was this blog post helpful? I want to hear from you.

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